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About Us



Our passion is to inspire people to excel in what they do, constantly innovating, from a rich food, a thriving business, to an idea that protects and transforms the world.



Ability to seek self-development and integral growth, satisfying with quality the demands of our clients and channeling efforts towards the achievement of corporate goals.

Act with determination and perseverance, achieving orderly habits that lead to the achievement of organizational goals and objectives with excellence.

Believe in our company and in the contribution of our colleagues maintaining clear, transparent and constructive communication.

Ability to recognize and learn from mistakes themselves, turning them into opportunities for improvement, managing resources ethically and avoiding things that do not add value. Frame our behavior within a win-win philosophy.

Fully comply with the commitments acquired, valuing the contribution of each team member and capitalizing on the differences. Show ethics and integrity in dealing with others.




On April 6, 1957, in Bogotá - Colombia, the first equipment for the manufacture and commercialization of fatty products of the so-called Sigra Vegetable Fats Limited Company is acquired, to serve institutional clients and commerce in general. Start operations offering the market, seasoned with different applications. These dressings were called: Running Margina, Blue Margina, Green Margina, Red Margina.


Since 1972, the company has established its own administrative plant and facilities in the industrial zone, to the southwest of Bogotá. In 1975 it promotes the development of margarines and oils. In 1980 it modernizes again the equipment with the most advanced European technology.


In 1985 renews its corporate image, getting ready for its great commercial expansion. Since 1990, it develops margarine projects and expands its market to different areas of the country. Between 1990 and 1995 it introduced margarines for ponqué that allow direct shake like Mojapan and Mojapan Extra. In 1995, he launched the extra Margina and Flamela vegetable shortening in presentation of pounds. In 1998 he created and began marketing the bread improver: Mejorpan.


Launches the Margina Industrial market. It is placed at the forefront of the market with the acquisition of one of the largest plants in the country for the production of margarines and oils. In 2005, it implements the use of sealed blue bags that protect the margarines from light and prevent their contamination. In 2006 it introduced to the Chilean market margarines for puff pastry and baking free of trans. It is the first company to produce puff pastry margarines in LAMINAS: Vitina Puff Pastry TF / TC and Vitina Croissant.


In the month of April it celebrates its 50 years. Strengthens its presence in the industrial market with products tailored to its needs for National Companies, International Companies in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Multinational Companies. It supports the creation of the "Colombian Institute of Bakery and Pastry". In 2008 CI SIGRA S.A. receives the recognition of the Colombian Security Council Category 1. In 2009 as a new response to the food industry, María, the expert to make arepas, a product with exquisite cheese flavor, created especially for the preparation of all types of arepas .


In 2010, it centralizes all its administrative, logistics and productive operations, with the acquisition of new facilities. In 2011, it launched the first margarine with natural additives: Vitina BIO, its antioxidants, dyes, essences and preservatives are extracts of natural origin. Enter the deep-frozen dough market with BASTELA, ready-to-use puff pastry.


In 2012, it celebrates its 55th anniversary, with the launch of special edition margarines: Astra Special, Mojapan Gold and Vitina Finas Hierbas. Develop Fondant Maestro Mix, a ready-to-use sugar cover. In 2013, it continues to strengthen the innovative culture with the entry into a new product category with Tulicrem Base Cream, capitalizing on this experience in the development of products such as Flavored Cheff, Fondant Colors, Hojalpan Premium, Margina Kids, Optipan Encanto and Mojapan Vital. Sigra obtains recognition in the Elite Generating Sustainable Development category, Level IV, in the XIII call of the District Environmental Excellence Program (PREAD) in Bogotá.



PREAD Recognition ELITE Category

On December 5, 2017, Sigra S.A. He was recognized in the Elite Generating Sustainable Development category, Level IV, in the XVII call for the District Environmental Excellence Program (PREAD) in Bogotá, as a result of his commitment to environmental protection.Watch video at: Pread Recognition 2017

ISO 9001:2015 Certifications

The certification allows us to demonstrate the commitment of our Quality Management System with the satisfaction of our customers and with the applicable regulatory requirements.

KOSHER Certification

The etymological meaning of the word kosher is "apt" in the Hebrew language. However, in the language of industry and consumers it implies a constant certification, both of the productive processes and of the quality of the inputs; So Kosher is associated with the concept of health. Our certification is Parve, which is the classification given to those foods that do not contain meat, nor do they contain milk. Fish, eggs, legumes, cereals and other vegetables are included in this category. SIGRA: Tradition and trust for our consumers.

Good innovation practices

Follow through its area of innovation, it received from the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá (CCB) and the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification (ICONTEC) the Certificate of Good Innovation Practices (BPI) that accredits it as an organization With an advanced innovation management system.



Located in the city of Bogotá, the production plant of CI SIGRA S.A. It is one of the most modern in Latin America, its production processes are fully automated. This cutting-edge technology allows you to guarantee stability in the quality of your products, order after order, as well as complete traceability processes.

A highly qualified professional team constantly researches how to meet the needs of the bakery and food industry businesses, proposing continuous innovations in products, services and processes that increase the level of competitiveness of our customers and, consequently, of our company.

Margarines and oils are processed through several lines that are serviced 24 hours a day, supervised by professionals and operators with high standards of training and experience that submit the product in process to all controls, - not only those required by the international norms and organizations - but to others even more demanding, such as those of the European economic community. All of which guarantees an excellent final product.

Palm oil, which comes from different productive areas of the country, undergoes an exclusive double refining system with highly technified and standardized processes.

The automated systems of our equipment allow us to streamline and document even the smallest detail, which contributes to greater efficiency in our quality processes of our brands and products.


Conoce Las Acciones Que Desarrollamos Para Proteger
el Medio Ambiente y Para Lograr Un Desarrollo Sostenible.

We have lowered the level of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere thanks to the use of clean fuels such as natural gas, the maintenance of equipment to control the emission of Greenhouse Gases, our boilers have a low level of polluting emissions and we carry out efficiency projects energetic

Our margarines are packed in blue bags with biodegradable d2W seal, that is, in addition to protecting the quality of the product, they protect the environment, because contrary to what happens with conventional plastic bags that require hundreds of years to degrade, ours are they decompose into carbon dioxide and water, as a result of light, water, air and microorganisms.

We separate waste at the source to give each one adequate disposal. We have environmental projects in front of the collection and recycling of plastic and icopory waste, we carry out the proper management of our hazardous waste and we encourage collaborators and other interested parties to participate in post-consumer programs and carry out an adequate closing of the cycle.

We have a wastewater plant complying with resolution 631 of 2015 where we condition the water discharged from the production process so that it can be reused in the washing of floors, sanitary ware and cooling processes.

Sigra belongs to the Business Environmental Management Program of the District Department of Environment for more than 10 years and has been recognized in the “Elite, Generating Sustainable Development” category since 2012. In 2018 we also obtained a special recognition for occupy the third place among more than 150 participating companies, that demonstrates our commitment to the environment and compliance with legal requirements.

We are linked to the NAMA Industry: Productive Processes project, an initiative that has the support of the United Nations Development Program – UNDP, under the financing of the Global Environment Facility, GEF (for its acronym in English). Our organization has been selected within the group of pioneer companies in the construction of gender equality in the framework of energy efficiency and climate change in Colombia, highlighting the achievements of our commitment.

To support environmental awareness processes we have trained small and medium industries in the development of environmentally friendly Management Systems.

We are committed to respecting the environment and the well-being of future generations.